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logo    This is a PLaSM Plugin for Eclipse. PLaSM is a geometric extension of FL, a functional programming language by Backus' group at IBM research, that allows for rapid development of curves, surfaces and solids.
This plugin provides an IDE to develop in PLaSM and to export in various formats (even the outdated vrml ;)).

The intent of the project is to port the features of the previous development tool for PLaSM, XPlode, using the general and well-know architecture of Eclipse, improving what XPlode already gave to the PLaSM environment. The language used is Java, and the OS (I hope) is not a constraint (still testing...).

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You can download our latest release in a .zip package from Sourceforge.
Alternatively check out our CVS repository through anonymous login typing the following instruction set:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co eclipse-text
Hit <return> when prompted for password.

For installation instruction see documentation section


You must have a PLaSM interpreter executable in order to compile and export your code. You can find different platform version source files or installers in PLaSM Download page.
To view VRML exported files you need a VRML viewer; this page provide an useful help in finding an appropriate plugin for your web browser or, alternatively, a stand-alone player.
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Manual Installation

To install Eclipse PLaSM plugin, simply unzip downloaded .zip package in Eclipse home directory:
$ unzip <>
Now you can start your Eclipse.

On your first start with Eclipse PLaSM plugin you have to set your PLaSM preferences (PLaSM executable and VRML viewer) using Eclipse menu: Window -> Preferences -> Plasm.
PLaSM engine will be started automatically when you switch to PLaSM Perspective.

You can test your newly installed feature by evaluating and exporting this code:

def monolith = cuboid:<1, 4, 9> color black;
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screenshot screenshot
Eclipse 3.0RC2 working on a
PLaSM library's file
Eclipse 3.0RC2 exported a
homework from CAD course
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About us

The EcT(o)PLaSM (Eclipse Text PLaSM) Group:
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