Package it.uniroma3.plasm.actionset

Provides for all the actions needed for this plugin


Class Summary
CheckPlasmAction This class is a single point for checking if Plasm is up or no.
EvaluateAction This is the super class for all the evaluate actions of this plugin this is made necessary to check everytime that the plasm Process is up and running and the export view is active and not disposed.
EvaluateAllBuffer This action evaluates all the buffer
EvaluateSelection This Action evaluates plasm editor's selections
ExportAction This actions exports the selected object into a VRML script (by now only VRML, next mod would be other formats...)
StartPlasm This class provides the basic start function for the plasm Process
StopPlasm Self Explained

Package it.uniroma3.plasm.actionset Description

Provides for all the actions needed for this plugin

Package Specification

This package contains all the Action classes making work this plugin. Basically this refers to 4 main actions: