Package it.uniroma3.plasm.wizards

Provides for the wizards used by the plugin


Class Summary
PlasmNewProject Standard workbench wizard that creates a new project resource in the workspace.
PlasmNewWizard This is a wizard (:().
PlasmNewWizardPage The "New" wizard page allows setting the container for the new file as well as the file name.

Package it.uniroma3.plasm.wizards Description

Provides for the wizards used by the plugin

Package Specification

This package is constituted from three classes : PlasmNewProject is used when the new project wizard is called, it shows the correct sequence of pages and creates all the basic resources for the project. PlasmNewWizard: this wizards creats a new Plasm file for the editor and works in conjunction with PlasmNewWizardPage wich is a stand alone page of the wizard, asking for the filename to be specified.